Why You Need to Check Out the Singletree Di Vine Wine Domes as a Safe and Fun Activity During COVID-19

Being a tourist in my own town and finding local gems is nothing I have ever shied away from. Why would I? While travel is the most exhilarating ventures you can go on and there’s beauty in going somewhere where your entire ecosystem is shifted and changed, I think we often forget how wonderful our backyards truly are. I blame this heavily on our curated reputations for the land amongst us and our need for venture out in the great wide somewhere (🎵). I think COVID-19 has led us onto a path of re-exploration and gratitude towards our own cities and hometowns. I mean, my favourite people are located here. Why wouldn’t I want to experience the every day and the more frequent travel options while we’re stuck here?

That being said, I have had the fantastic opportunity to try out the COVID-19 safe Singletree Di Vine Wine Domes. I won’t lie to you, I have frequented this establishment for their delicious samplings and I always leave with two bottles more than I expect to when I arrive. They’re all just so. dang. good. Singletree Winery is a winery set in Abbotsford, BC in the serene backdrop of the Mt. Lehman area. The Singeltree Di Vine Wine Domes are just one of the newest ventures to visit and well worth the experience, especially when you’re searching for fun and safe things to do during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Singletree Di Vine Wine Dome that includes space for up to 6 within your bubble for maximum safety.

We decided to make date night easy and booked for an opening as soon as we could. When we booked we were offered to pick from either the Canadiana Cabin Dome or the Enchanted Forest Dome. We went for the Enchanted Forest Dome and absolutely loved the decor. If you are into more muted colours and a whimsical feel, this is the one for you. I would suggest anyone travelling and wanting the full Canadiana experience, The Canadiana Cabin Dome would be for you. Subsequently, once you have chosen a dome and a date, you are offered three different dining options:

Option A. 5 flight tastings and a $30 wine credit to be used for bottles to take home.

Option B. 5 Flight Tastings + Gourmet Charcuterie and a $20 wine credit to be used for bottles to take home. (We did this option!)

Option C. 3 Course Gourmet Dinners (takeout dinner) courtesy of Chef Adrian Beaty, 5 Flight Tastings

A selection of meats, cheeses and a delicious house made apple butter and mustard spreads by Chef Adrian Beaty.

While the third option comes at a higher price, after tasting the charcuterie that Chef Adrian Beaty put together for the option we chose (option B), I would definitely suggest checking it out. Delicious beyond belief! The apple butter and dijon mustard are house made and are to die for. We may or may not have put in a hefty suggestion for him to start selling the apple butter on its own. (If you see this, Chef Beaty… we’re still hoping for it!)

When checking in to our wine dome experience, we were greeted with lovely smiles and were given the option to choose between two different kinds of charcuterie. We picked one of each to try and (spoiler alert) they were both delicious so pick whichever one suits your fancy, you can’t go wrong. That being said, vegetarians and vegans- this one will not be for you as there are no cheese only vegetarian options and the meats do touch the rest of the items. We were then given a bluetooth speaker to put on our favourite jams on and were escorted to our Enchanted Forest Dome by our wonderful host.

Charcuterie delicious-ness at Singletree Di Vine Wine Domes.

The host really makes the experience as you go from a regular picnic in a cool setting to a fun learning experience customized to your wine interests. My partner prefers reds and I prefer whites and so they accommodated depending on our preferences and made great suggestions based on our individual tasting palettes and created a very customizable journey. I don’t think two journeys will ever be the exact same, which makes us want to go multiple times!

Sipping wine and eating snacks- my favourite!!

Coming in about every 15-20 minutes for a new taster, the time goes by unbelievably quick. We were sipping, wining, and dining and within a blink, 1.5 hours had gone by. We were shocked at how quickly it went by.

Even though it was a particularly drizzly, rainy day, we couldn’t have felt more comfortable in the dome with all the COVID-19 precautions were in place. We were able to dine and have our own personal evening without the worry of who is sitting too close to us or if we were in contact with too many people. Everything was well thought out and they were stringent on their precautions for mandatory masks, zipped enclosed space for your party, full cleaning in between guests, well timed out party arrivals so that there is no overlap, and the added protection of being located outside in an open air experience right outside the tent. All the items for eating were also disposable to ensure no one was having to touch any of the items.

Once finished, we went back into their store and selected our many (surprise!!!) bottles.

So if you are looking for an evening away and a safe and adventurous date night in your own backyard, I would heavily suggest the Singletree di Vine Wine Domes. An experience like no other, set in a gorgeous backdrop that can only be topped by a glass filled with wine. Try it for yourself and let me know what you thought of it by sending me an email at questions@emalow.com .

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Singletree Winery
5782 Mount Lehman Rd, Abbotsford, BC V4X 1V4

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