Top Planners You Need to Crush 2022

Do you like to plan? Do you like to pretend you like to plan but just like the sweet reminisce that you’ve got you sh*t together and really enjoy colour coding things and having more paper to doodle? (Same, though). If you know me, I have academics, work, personal, fitness, vacation, and business goals to keep up on. Not to mention water, I must remember to drink my water. I won’t but I’d like to think that I will. With that being said, I have searched high and low to try and find some of the best planners for the person with a hell of a lot on the go right now (aka you aka me aka what even year is it??)

Disclaimer: Please note that these are my honest reviews. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own and not influenced by the developing companies, and/or its affiliates in any way.

Now, we’ll go through some of the classics as I break it down but definitely keep scrolling to where I showcase some of the more fun and limited options I feel will be making it into the classics section soon!

  1. Eccolo Planner

This planner was the planner I ended up purchasing for the year 2021. Mainly, for the cost of it. At a mere sale price of $11 CAD at Bed Bath and Beyond that helped my intense looming academic tuition guilt, I had to check it out. 

Cost: $

Pros: To-do lists on weekly pages

Motivational quotes and cute words throughout.

Cons: The texture of the book was less to be desired. While described as either suede or pleather options, it kinda just resembled cardboard. For aesthetic purposes, and for those who dislike yucky feelings on their hands- I would skip on this one.

  1. Moleskine Weekly

This one has never been my favourite but I think it’s only due to the fact I do not think the way this is laid out. I like to believe planners are deeply psychological and that each one will represent your own needs. I have yet to use a Moleskin planner that has distinctly met those needs without me feeling more overwhelmed to use than to actually use it.

That being said, it is a fan favourite and worth checking out if your mind thinks in this layout!

Cost: $$

Pros: Size! Small and compact.

Availability at many retail stores.

It’s definitely aesthetically pleasing and professionally looking.

Cons: You have to write in your own dates.

Inconsistent timelines (if you’re like me and want it to start at a particular month and end at a particular month, this will not work for you)


This was the OG planner for me. During my undergrad you wouldn’t catch me without my x kate spade planner. It was both a statement and an unhealthy attachment.

Pros: ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! If you want something aesthetic that makes you think “omg awe!” every time you open your planner, this is it.

Non-intimidating. The soft covers and helpful quotes will put you into a positive mindset before writing.

Available at Chapters and Indigo (in Canada)


Collab with Kate Spade (cute and name brand!)

No lines = more room to doodle! If you’re a creative and you don’t want to stick in the lines, this may be it.

Cons: Some are very large, not very compactible.

No to-do lists or check lists on the weekly section

Many of these books do not offer lines (who expects me to write perfectly neat?)

  1. TOOT : Talking Out Of Turn

I am absolutely OBSESSED with this planner. It has everything I want it I have except for the incredibly large shipping cost it takes to get to Canada. If you are from the US reading this, please buy one of these in my honour and flaunt it well because I will just be over here wishing for a day it comes to Canada.

Cost: $$ (+$$$ for shipping)

Pros: everything

Cons: shipping. (I swear I’m not bitter.)

  1. We Are Inspira

This absolutely gorgeous piece was sold out before I could even get my hands on one. But oh holy geez, is this thing ever gorgeous.

Cost: $

Pros: Spooky wicked aesthetics, vision boards, goal pages, bullet journaling pages.

Cons: Sells out quickly, online only, unable to preview much beforehand. Some can be focused on weight loss (which I ain’t too into promoting)

  1. Golden Coil

I would lay down my life for this planner. I have also promised myself that this will be the planner I get next. There’s no way it’s not perfect, it’s like ordering from Subway. You can’t dislike the sandwich because you literally created that sandwich. There’s only you to blame. It’s also aesthetically pleasing to my core. I call this the turkey, cheese on flatbread that is my perfect planner. It also comes with a sticky pricetag. It’s true, the rich get all the good things. Sigh, it’s so beautiful though… *applies for a loan, labels it “I’ve got reasons ok”*

Cost: $$$$

Pros: Absolutely customizable. Not just in pages, but in page layouts.

Aesthetically pleasing. 


Customizable to different goals and priorities.

Water log charts.

Fitness charts. 

Cons: No colour page options. 


Time it takes to customize each page (and trying not to stop yourself from buying ALL of the extras).

All in all, the planner you get will be the planner that crushes, but hopefully this list will help you in finding the one that will take it to the max .

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Here’s to 2022 lil rockstars. xo

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