About Me

Hi! 🙋‍♀️ My name is Ema, I am a current graduate student at Harvard University and currently work in the Canadian Tourism Industry. I have traveled near and far and spent many years working for the Walt Disney Company as a Cast Member experiencing the parks first hand and backstage taking notes on what makes the place just so magical. I started this blog as I had found so many people asking about all portions of my life, whether it be life at Harvard, travel tips, budget-making choices, and all around how to do so much in such little time!

Look! It’s me! In my dorm at Harvard University.

I am an absolute studier. I study things completely and I want you to have that confidence when reading my posts and I hope you are just as curious as I am to the world around you.

I made this blog in search of a way to formalize the many frequented questions I receive about Disney Parks, school, and everything fun under the sun. So my promise to you is to try and keep up to date with fun and interesting info and my ask of you is to not be afraid to ask any questions you might have about the big fun world out there.

Write to me your questions to: questions@emalow.com

So I had felt this would be the best way to connect and find information on some of the things I look for and search for. Life is so ****in’ exciting and I just love to share it. I am certain my friends and family won’t say it, but I am pretty sure they are sick of me talking about everything a mile a minute! There is so much to celebrate and through this page, and my Instagram I hope to show you the best things in life to celebrate as life is made to be celebrated.

Let me take a moment to celebrate you coming to my page, because it’s people like you who are worth celebrating.

So if you are a Disney-fanatic, a curious traveler, a budget-friendly friend, and take everything with a big dose of ridiculous, silly and humorous then my friend, you are in the right place. Please stick around for so much more to come! 🙂

This is only the beginning.

Cheers xoxo

You know what? You seem really cool. I like you! I’m not just saying that. Promise.

Here’s my hot take on: TRAVEL

bc sometimes you just need to gtfo and explore

Here’s my love for: MAGIC

bc we could all use a little bit of magic

Here’s my exp at: HARVARD

bc I’m makin’ mama proud

Like the mouse himself- I’m all ears! Ask me your questions!