Top 5 Must Try Drinks in Disneyland

Disneyland has recently re-opened and if you’re anything like me you are constantly daydreaming about having a boba infused beverage at the Happiest Place on Earth. Deep in those thoughts I have put together the must-try drinks at Disneyland that I just can’t wait to have once again and some of the most iconic drinks you just can’t leave the parks without trying below.

Now, it’s important to note that drinks at Disneyland can get expensive so if you are on a budget I suggest staying hydrated by bringing in your own drinks and enjoying those in between these speciality bevvie trips. Yes, Disneyland does allow you to bring in your own beverages! However, alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the parks and fun fact: Disneyland has recently increased their alcoholic servings by recently adding a cocktail menu at The Blue Bayou!

Now, onto the good good of magical Disney bevvies!!

1. Open Ocean with a Splash (Alcoholic)

The Lamplighter Lounge located in DCA’s Pixar Pier doesn’t just offer stunning views and waterfront patio views, but they also have an extensive cocktail menu. Choosing just one (or two… or three) may just be the hardest decision you make all vacation. Not to mention the cutest illustrated designs on the menu connects your experience to themovie that inspired the drink. That being said, The Open Ocean with a Splash is a frozen Finding Nemo cocktail made with Bacardi Raspberry Rum, Bols Blue Curaçao, Liquid Alchemist Orgeat (Almond), Agave Nectar, and fresh Lime Juice. It is stunningly blue and perfect for a hot day on the patio in the middle of the magic (quite literally!).

Top tip! You don’t always need to bring a water bottle. Save the room in your luggage and ask any counter-service restaurant for a complimentary cup of water. This will be packaged the same way you would get a fountain pop / soda and will save you money $ and time looking for a place to fill up! Win/win!!

2. Hot Chocolate at the Gourmet Coffee Cart in DCA

If you’re heading to California in the Fall or Winter some days can be chillier and if you’re like me who kicks it at Disney from rope drop to the last ride or dining reservation, then this drink is perfect for those colder mornings and nights. Or if you’re really like me- after a ride on the Grizzly River Rapids and/or Splash Mountain on the coldest day of the year 🥴.

I know what you’re thinking. . . but Ema… what’s so special about a hot chocolate? I can get that anywhere? Well, I’ll tell ya! I may be biased but a whole lotta whipped cream can sell me on hot chocolate and pairing that with the warm comfort of a dessert at breakfast makes this so much better. Now- add BROWN SUGAR to the whipped cream and well, we’ve got a seller of a hot chocolate. There’s a reason there’s so many Disneyland hot chocolate copy cat recipes floating out there on Pinterest.

AND if you’re exploring Galaxy’s Edge for the day you MUST try the brand new Black Spire PURPLE hot chocolate. Yes, that’s right PURPLE and GLITTERY! I could faint!!

They even added whipped cream to the TOP of my cup!!

3. Bing Bong’s Rainbow Unicorn Memory Refresher

This sweet concoction takes in all of the slushie options at Bing Bong’s Memory Refresher beverage corner. Located inside Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff Store that sells Inside Out and other Pixar favourite film merchandise, this sugary and fun drink is absolutely a Disney bucket list item! While even huge sugar fiends like myself may find it over the top in sweetness (you are having all flavours of slushie and then topping it off with Nerds candies!!!), it is so aesthetically pleasing it just feels like a rainbow in a cup! Top tip: purchase one and share with the fam. You can always ask for extra cups 🙂

4. Anything other than the Fizzy TaunTaun

Okay, so this might not be in a “must try drink” as much as a “must try drink experience”. Oga’s Cantina is an absolute essential for any Star Wars fan. Disney is VERY good at transporting you from reality to the middle of a movie scene. I have yet to experience such mastery to this as Oga’s Cantina. I almost checked to make sure I didn’t forget my lightsaber at my table when I left. That being said, the one drink the “Fizzy TaunTaun” was not to par with what experience you may want. So a fair warning- it will not just have a small tingle, it will absolutely make your mouth go numb! We were lucky enough to try Oga’s Cantina on the opening date and if it wasn’t for the fun couple beside us who were telling us they were having the same concern that they thought they were allergic to the drink, we would’ve likely freaked out!! I have heard rumours that they have toned down the amount of numbing “fizz” in these cocktails but I would suggest trying a different drink if you aren’t into full face numbing and want to enjoy your drink.

That being said, the Bespin Fizz was absolutely delicious and the theming of the restaurant makes for an enjoyable experience beyond the drink menu itself. Also who doesn’t love a cute DJ Rex?!

5. Strawberry Margarita at Rita’s Baja Blenders in DCA (Alcoholic)

🗣️ Calling all of my margarita fans!!! The strawberry margarita from Disney California Adventure’s Rita’s Baja Blenders is absolutely necessary (yes, necessary!). This signature cocktail has an added fun flair when you ask to mix flavours- yes you can do that! Add a splash of Lemon-Lime with your Strawberry Margarita for an extra tart twist to the already sweet tart concoction. There are also Tropi-cool option for those who do not wish for alcohol (or for the little Mickey ears around you).

Now I hope you’re thirsty by the time you arrive at Disneyland because you have LOTS of drink options.

Make sure to follow me for more on @emalawls and as always if you have any questions or suggestions that you know should be on this blog send it my way to I love hearing from you!

Have a magical day!

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